Reiki for Pets

Reiki–an ancient natural system of healing  is believed to help relieve physical discomfort, promote relaxation, release toxins and assist in removing disturbances in the cat or dog that impede good health and a sense of well being. Reiki is increasingly being utilized in shelters and pet clinics as well as by many pet practitioners. The theory is Reiki removes energetic blocks in your pet’s body that may cause any number of negative behavioral, mental, emotional or physical conditions. These include fear, effects of a history of abuse or neglect and arthritis or side effects from medications.


Judith sometimes recommends Reiki as an element of her 360°, holistic approach to addressing behavioral issues in cats and dogs. Reiki is also beneficial as a treatment by itself; When your cat or dog’s energy systems are treated in the context of the other elements that impact your pet’s health—including your cat or dog’s behavior, nutrition, your relationship with the pet, the cat or dog’s environment, and the pet’s health—Judith believes the probabilities of success will increase dramatically.

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q. What is Reiki?
A. Reiki is an energy based method involving a gentle and non-invasive act of laying hands on the animal which is believed to provide comfort and relieve physical discomfort. Reiki, especially for pets, is sometimes practiced with a hands-off or distantly as well. The practice of healing touch is ancient, as basic as our instincts. Touch conveys warmth, comfort, and healing.

In Reiki, a subtle energy flows through the practitioner from the hands into the pet (or any living being). Clients often report being more relaxation and  that they experience some healing effect.

Q. When is Reiki a good choice for my pet?
A. Consider Reiki, especially in combination with other Judith Levy Wellness practices and when appropriate, in consultation with your pet’s veterinarian, when your pet:

  • Exhibits behavioral problems
  • Exhibits excessive fear
  • Is facing or recovering from surgery
  • Exhibits aggression
  • Has a history of simple or complex trauma (abuse or neglect)
  • Demonstrates difficulty in healing
  • Has a negative relationship with you, its guardian
  • Suffers from chronic pain or end-of-life discomfort
  • Takes more medication than you desire

Q. What is the theory of how Reiki heals?
A. Our pets’ bodies, as well as our own bodies, have vital energy centers called “chakras, meridians and bio-field”. The mental state, physical body and emotional existence determine the health and balance of these systems. Negative states, such as fear, anxiety, illness, and trauma, create energetic blocks which eventually cause physical illness. By returning the body’s energy flow to a balanced, undisturbed state, it is possible to create positive conditions such as relaxation and feeling well. This promotes physical health and a sense of calm.

Q. Why choose Reiki for my pet’s behavioral problem?
In  Judith’s experience,  the majority of severe behavior problems with cats and dogs are rooted in fear and or frustration. It is believed that Reiki “dissolves” energetic blocks contributing to these negative states and helps to return the animal to a natural balanced state. Once the animal is more calm, rather than extremely frustrated or fearful, it’s possible that severe behavioral problems, in conjunction with a behavioral program will be more easily and quickly corrected, This calm state in your pet may also improve your relationship with your pet.  Although Judith cannot make any specific guarantees, with less severe behavioral issues Reiki alone can lead to the resolution the pet guardian is looking for.
With serious or more ingrained problems, Judith uses Reiki in conjunction with behavior modification, the Bach Flower Remedies® and Meridian Tapping Techniques. Reiki is compatible and works well with Behavior Modification.


Q. What happens in a Reiki session?
In Reiki, Judith, a trained Reiki Master practitioner, moves the Reiki energy through her hands to the animal in key locations. The Reiki energy is thought  to bring balance and restore health of the physical, mental and emotional body.
Since energy is not impeded by boundaries, a Reiki session can occur in-person or from a distance. As a practitioner, Judith has been trained to deliver Reiki distantly as well. If the session takes place in-person, it can be a “hands on” or a hands-off session. Either is equally effective.

Since animals, especially those with a history of abuse or neglect, generally prefer not to be touched by strangers, hands-off and distance Reiki have been shown to be quite effective. With intention, Judith can send Reiki to your pet regardless of where you live.  Judith’s clients have reported and Judith has witnessed some amazing results!

With distance sessions Judith will phone you both before and after the session. Before the session you and Judith will define what you would like the session to accomplish for your pet. After the session, Judith will give you report on the session. Click here to read testimonials of Judith’s distant clients.

Q. Where do I go for a Reiki Session?
An in-person Reiki session for a pet takes place in your home. A typical in-person Reiki session takes 60 minutes.

Reiki can also be performed effectively from a distance. A typical distance Reiki session with your pet takes 30 – 40 minutes and includes phone contact between you and Judith both before and after the session.

Q. How much does a Reiki session cost?
Reiki is an affordable technique, purchased as an individual session or in money-saving packages. Click here for rates.

Q. How many Reiki sessions will my pet need?
The number of sessions of course, depends upon the severity and the complexity of the case.  In many situations, 1-4 sessions are advised. Affordable packages are available.

  • Animals with behavioral problems.The number of sessions depends upon the severity of the problem and how ingrained the behavior has become. Using Reiki in conjunction with other methods such as Meridian Tapping Techniques and behavioral modification, it may be possible to accelerates the correction of your pet’s behavioral problems. Judith blends approaches based on your specific situation.
  • Senior animals. Judith’s clients report that Reiki helps their pets who suffer from arthritis and other pain management issues to be more comfortable. It is also believed that  Reiki may help smooth the transition as your pet faces end-of-life.
    Reiki has been shown to be effective in helping to reduce the need for medication, even in senior animals. Some senior cats, dogs and horses  have on-going Reiki treatments with their guardians reporting that their pets seem more comfortable which helps to increase their quality of life.
  • Animals with physical conditions.It is believed that Reiki helps animals that are sickly or recovering from surgery to stay comfortable and to heal more quickly.
  • Animals in stressful situations.Reiki appears to help calm the stress your pet may feel during a stay in a kennel or other stressful situations. Reiki may also be beneficial to help transition a cat, dog or horse from a shelter or rescue to your home.

Q. Why choose Judith Levy as my pet’s Reiki practitioner?
Judith trained under multiple Reiki Masters, including advanced training with renowned Reiki Master Teacher William Rand from the International Center for Reiki Training, to achieve Usui and Karuna Reiki Master certifications. She is a practicing Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Additionally Judith is a Certified Energy Health Practitioner through the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, giving her a broad base of knowledge of the body’s energy matrix.Not only is Judith highly qualified as a Reiki practitioner; she is highly knowledgeable about all aspect of your pet’s behavioral health. As principal of Judith Levy Wellness for People and Pets, Judith has conducted over 1400 behavior consultations with a very high rate of success. Her experience, her training, and her 360° approach mean your animal will get thorough and experienced care.

Judith has studied extensively the works of prominent veterinarians Dr. Sue Hetts, Dr. Dr. Karen Overall, and animal behavior experts John Fisher, John Rogerson and Bill Campbell to advance her intuitive and practical understanding of ethology (the scientific study of animal behavior) and behavioral methodology.

Contact Judith Levy, Reiki Master/Teacher, for an appointment for your pet today.

Judith offers Reiki training for those individuals wishing to become Reiki practitioners or to use Reiki for self, family and family pets.

  • Reiki and Meridian sessions can be very effective for accelerating healing, calming, releasing and correcting health and behavioral issues in all pets. Judith is available for remote sessions.