Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) for Pets

Meridian Tapping is a healing technique using specific points on your cat or dog’s body known as acupoints and utilizes the same systems as acupuncture. The theory is  MTT assists in removing disturbances in the body that may impede good health and a sense of well-being. It is believed MTT addresses energetic disturbances caused by negative experience such as a history of neglect or abuse, as well as negative states such as fear and frustration, possessiveness or extreme excitement. It also addresses energetic disturbances created by unhealthy physically conditions and mental confusion etc. Judith believes many of our cats and dogs who are rescued have these disturbances

Tapping techniques work alone or in combination with Judith Levy Wellness behavioral modification programs. MTT may help accelerate physical and emotional and behavioral healing.  Tapping may also be very effective in eliminating blocks to success for a cat or dog who seems stuck in problematic behavior patterns.

In an energy health session, Judith at times combines tapping techniques, Reiki and/or Bach Flower Essences to help an animal move out of a negative state  such as fear.  These methods also complement and can be integrated with traditional Veterinary care.

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

 Q. What is MTT?
A. MTT is the name for a variety of “meridian tapping techniques” that use  the ancient Chinese meridian system (energy pathways) to balance an individual’s energy with a gentle tapping procedure which stimulates designated meridian end points on the face and body. These are the same points used in acupuncture, but MTT involves no needles. The prevailing premise of MTT is that the flow and balance of the body’s electromagnetic and more subtle energies are important for physical, mental and emotional health and for fostering well-being. MTT is a comfortable and non-invasive.

Q. When is MTT a good choice for my pet?
Meridian tapping techniques for your pet may be helpful in:

  • Aiding in correcting any behavior problem, including separation anxiety
  • Eliminating or reducing fear
  • Reducing general anxiety
  • Decreasing effects of trauma from abuse or severe neglect that cannot be corrected with standard training methods
  • Changing ritualistic behaviors such as spinning and licking paws
  • Restoring optimism in an animal that has lost interest in life
  • Reducing physical discomfort caused by illness or old age
  • Improving overall health and increasing a feeling of well-being

Q. What is the theory of how MTT heals?
The prevailing premise is when tapping on meridian end points, we release disturbances along the meridians (click here to view diagram of canine meridian system) and this release allows the animal to return to a balanced state. When the animal is in balance, it is believed the body can heal and there is a sense of calm and safety and the animal will feel better or have a reduction in problem behaviors Judith will determine particular tapping algorithms for each specific problem suited to your pet’s individual situation as part of the MTT work with your pet.

Q. What results are possible using MTT for my pet?

  • Althuogh Meridian Tapping Techniques are considered experimental they appear to have promising mental, emotional and physical benefits. There is promising research being conducted that indicates the safety and efficacy of MTT
  • Tapping techniques, in combination with other energy practices implemented by Judith, may help to accelerate your pet’s healing process and behavior change. Judith often combines Reiki and the Bach Flower Essences® in the same session with MTT. These methods also complement and can be integrated with traditional Veterinary care.
  • Pet guardians have reported seeing a positive change in their dog, cat or horses condition or behavior from just one MTT session. In other cases  more sessions may be advised.
  • Judith regularly helps pet guardians with behavioral issues that were not able to be corrected with traditional dog or cat training.
  • It is believed once you remove the energetic disturbances that have caused the problem behavior or physical illness it’s possible to see improvement.  In more extreme cases, maintenance sessions are advisable but with occasional sessions, good balanced can be maintained.

Q. What happens in a MTT session?
A Judith, a Certified Energy Health Practitioner, will ask you questions to help determine specifically what problem to focus on with your pet. Because many animals do not like being tapped on, you or Judith can act as surrogate and tap for your pet. Judith will determine the tapping algorithm for each specific issue your pet is having

Q. Where do I go for a MTT session for my pet?
One advantage of  meridian tapping  is that it can be done in person or distantly. Judith regularly conducts sessions with people’s pets across the country. Judith has been trained to work energetically with your pets from a distance. This work can be done via phone or in an Internet session with you acting as surrogate for your pet. For clients who want to work with Judith and their pets in person, she can schedule an in-home consultation. A typical therapy session takes approximately 60 minutes.

Q. What does a MTT session cost?

MTT is an affordable technique, purchased as an individual session or in money-saving packages. Click here for rates

Q. How many MTT sessions will my pet need?
A. The number of sessions of course, depends of the severity and the complexity of the animal’s problem. Although it is impossible to guarantee a particular outcome, often, a single session may be sufficient and at times more sessions may be advised. When implementing a modality that is believed to help the body heal itself, it is necessary to put the body back in balance several times before it will hold. For example, multiple sessions may be advisable as a complementary method to use in conjunction with traditional veterinary services in the following situations:

  • Dealing with an animals that have experienced abuse or neglect in the past
  • Post surgical healing
  • Creating comfort in old age

In Judith’s experience three to five sessions are generally enough to see good improvement.

Q. Why choose Judith Levy as my MTT pet practitioner?
A. Judith Levy is both a Certified Energy Health Practitioner through an international organization and an accomplished and successful cat and dog behavior consultant. Judith’s strengths come from her broad base of experience and her profound personal journey. In addition, she has a deep lifetime connection with dogs and cats. Judith also has 20 years of experience teaching and working successfully with families and has a wonderful foundation of understanding the ways in which pets and people impact each other.

You can count on Judith’s deep understanding, her compassion, and her strong intuitive sense to do her best to bring positive results for you and your pet. Judith’s thorough knowledge of meridian tapping techniques as well as an exceptional understanding of the dog and cat energy matrix gives Judith the combination of skills and knowledge that makes her services unique. Her clients have reported postive results. Testimonials

Judith is a Reiki Master practitioner as well as a Reiki Master Teacher, having trained under multiple Reiki masters, including renowned William Rand at the International Center for Reiki training. Because Judith has achieved training in multiple energy modalities and can offer behavioral solutions for your pet, you can receive the benefits of all these modalities combined.

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